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Development Strategies

Venus relies on following development strategies to work in a systematic environment with open goals and depends on updating these strategies according to changing markets to suit its culture and depends in its development on professionals specialized in development and development management 

Anti-corruption and internal audit efforts

Venus Group has established departments for quality control and anti-corruption and to ensure the application of the rules of the Code of Professional Conduct 

Welfare and development of staff capabilities

Venus Company seeks to support all the capabilities of its employees without discrimination, we ensure that they are helped to take steps in their technical and educational career, support freedom of opinion and disclosure between them and senior management, as well as we conduct training periods for students in our factories and support young people

environmental sustainability

 The company's risk and environmental management systems, as well as environmental safety and health policies and programs, help reduce the environmental risks associated with manufacturing processes and ensure the safe disposal of waste in a way that helps maintain the quality of life in the local communities surrounding its factories.

operational sustainability

The operational strategy is based on two main axes, the first is to preserve the living of employees and the second is to preserve the citizens, so our factory is located in industrial areas far from the population and equipped with the best technology 

Social Responsibility

We care about maintaining our responsibility towards society by providing the best services that suit all seasons and occasions at prices that suit all social classes

Participation in international exhibitions and initiatives

Venus is interested in local and international initiatives  exhibitions for all kinds of activities that support relations between entrepreneurs and different countries