The Los Pinos brand was established with its first branch in Alexandria, and that was on 7/2020.

It is one of the companies of the Venus Group that was established in 2004

Bakery Division

We are the first company in the Middle East to take the lead in the field of frozen bakeries. We rely on universal values in the field of bakery enhancers, yeast and production lines.

And we manufacture molds of baked frozen products (ready to bake), which is a sourdough and frozen that can be baked in branches. "FTO products" are pasta that can be baked from the freezer directly to the oven. And confectionery products, occasion sweets and fresh pastries

Nuts and spices Section

Venus Company is one of the largest importers of raw materials in nuts and perfumery for the Egyptian market and we roast the finest types of nuts in our factories as we are distinguished by the presence of types of organic nuts.

As we have all kinds of chocolate, crackers, confectionery products, sweets for events, fresh pastries and other raw materials in manufacturing.

 It was the first branch in Egypt in the local market in Alexandria  

As for the Gulf and Arab markets 

We serve more than 120 of our branches in 

 -United Arab Emirates



-Saudi arabia  


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Provide consumers with a variety of distinctive products and brands that meet their needs and live up to their expectations by working on branches in Egypt and abroad.

OUR Vision

To become leaders in the food field in Egypt and the Arab Gulf countries by the end of 2023


Nuts - Spices Blends - Baked Goods - pastries - Chocolate

Cup Cake

Pound Cake






Nuts & Dried Fruits


our great bakery products and raw materials specialized in all bakery