Master chef

Master chef

MasterChef manufactures raw materials that are used in confectionery and bakery items, including whipped topping - Pastry Cream - jelly Decorating - muffin mixtures, cake, red velvet and others This is in accordance with the requirements of skilled chefs in the field of pastries and bakery
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Dissemination and development of the product in accordance with international specifications for a high-quality product And help the community with fast movement in achievement

OUR Vision

Achieve a steady Growth and established a leading position in the Egyptian Market.


Raw materials for the manufacture of sweets and bakery

Mega Cream

Whipped Tepping Cream

Ice Cream Patisserie

Ice Cream Vanilla

Ice Cream Chocolate

Cake Pound Chocolate

Cake Pound Vanilla

Cake Pound Red Velvet


our great bakery products and raw materials specialized in all bakery